Land of Dormant Dreams – A Walk into the Future


Tired of the same old? Craving to develop your community? Invest some time on Land of Dormant Dreams, a novel that empowers you and sets your frame of mind for success.

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A novel true to the genre, this book deals with romance, deceit, violence, fall, and renewal. You’ll be surprised to see how our hero falls and regains his standing by acknowledging his fault and by always being positive in the face of constant skepticism. He’s not alone. There are several other characters—those I would call second- and third-rank heroes—who show that by their involvement, there’s a brighter future for Zenitha and Zenithians. Indeed, she will realize her dormant dreams and reclaim her past of Zenitha—“the pearl!”

Land of Dormant Dreams advocates ideas that help to transform the condition of countries in difficulty. These ideas apply not only to the community but also, and above all, to the individual. After all, the community reflects the sum of the individual aptitudes, attitudes and ambitions, plus the effect of synergy.

Our success flows from renewed optimism, greater love and higher unity. Our dreams, our passion for learning and our courage are effective instruments. They all fuel the motivation and the mindset needed to create a bright future. The process of internalizing these values occurs through the adoption of constructive habits and the deliberate transformation of our culture.

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