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Promoting personal and community development so that families, nations and the world at large enjoy progress with equity, peace and well-being.

Jean Ricot Dormeus holds a postgraduate degree in international studies from the Diplomatic School of Spain and a license in political science from the State University of Haiti. He worked for more than two decades in the diplomatic service of Haiti and has provided political and technical services to the Organization of American States for over a decade.

His portfolio has focused on international negotiations, international cooperation, policy making, consensus and peace building, political analysis, public and motivational speaking, leadership, management, youth development and culture.

His book “Land of Dormant Dreams” advocates the application of timeless principles and values, as well as cultural transformation, to overcome the bottlenecks to progress and success, both individually and collectively. This transformation mainly requires vision, commitment, and consistency.

“Let’s encourage ourselves to march towards the fulfillment of our dreams day by day until we reach the zenith of our potential.” 

Dormeus has actively participated in social cohesion and advancement initiatives and contributed to creating the Association of Haitian Nationals in Guyana (AHNIG) and the Movement of Prayer for Haiti (MPH).

His hobbies include reading, writing, website and app development, tennis, and golf.