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On February 7 every year, the Movement of Prayer for Haiti shall hold a National Day of Pardon and Reconciliation. All christians and churches will be encouraged to join by dedicating part of their services on or around this date to Pardon and Reconciliation.

Parameters of the
Movement of Prayer for Haiti

The Movement of Prayer for Haiti provides spiritual support for Haiti. It is non-denominational. It aims at uniting Haitian citizens and Haiti lovers in a spiritual mobilization to bring Haiti closer to the Creator while promoting appreciation for and positive thinking about the country.

Structure of the Movement of Prayer for Haiti

The Movement of Prayer for Haiti may comprise a great multitude of Groups of Prayer of up to 12 members aiming to intercede before God in favor of Haiti. The nucleus or first Group of Prayer is Group A, Nehemiah.

Model Agenda of the Movement of Prayer for Haiti

1- Opening remarks and welcome
2- Opening prayer
3- Our motto: We uplift Haiti to you o God and request grace, blessings and healing upon our country. Help us to appreciate and seek the good of this land and its people.
4- Three to five minutes meditation based on the theme of the week.
5- Scripture reading: 2 Chronicles 7:14 and John 11:40
6- One prayer or two for Haiti
7- Closing remarks and benediction

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