Dream big

Dream big

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

In 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to recognize the 50th anniversary of the first ever human spaceflight, and declared April 12 as the “International Day of Human Space Flight”. As a matter of fact, on April 12, 1961, 27 years old Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet citizen, carried out the first human space flight, orbiting the Earth for 108 minutes. In addition to marking a milestone in science and technology, that feat in space exploration shows that the human mind can dream of anything and achieve it. Gagarin Space adventure invites us to dream and set goals as big as possible.

As we aim for limitless achievements, we develop our minds and abilities. We become confident that we can reach out for more. Step by step we come closer to what had seemed impossible in the past.  A Harvard Business study in 2017 found that 83% of the population don’t have goals. 14% have a plan in mind. Only 3% have written goals. Those 14% are 10 times more successful than the 83% without goals. The eye-opener is that the 3% with written goals are 3 times more successful than the 14%.

How will we become better selves without dreams, goals and plans? Where will we get the motivation and hope to move forward, and improve our lives and communities? Harriet Tubman said best, “Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world.”

We know the incredible power of dreaming big and setting goals. Space exploration achievements exhibit it. Research confirms it. Why not start setting goals even today? What about dusting off dormant childhood dreams and pursuing them? Whatever you set your eyes on and focus on may become your reality someday. What except past dissatisfactions do you have to lose in dreaming big?

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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“To concede defeat when you are entrusted with a mission amounts to jeopardizing the utility and quality of the rest of your life. Is it worth it?”

Jean Ricot Dormeus, Land of Dormant Dreams – A Walk into the Future, p. 61