Family life nurtures success

Family life


Family life nurtures success


By Jean Ricot Dormeus


In his early twenties, Brandon had trouble controlling his driving. For him, any opportunity to drive would involve speed either to root out boredom or pump up some adrenaline. Brandon’s sister had just acquired a stylish car that tempted him for a test drive. He went so far beyond the speed limit that he got charged and faced jail time. His family lamented his situation and reminded him that his father had always warned him about the risks of reckless driving.


Even though it was heart-rending for Brandon’s father, he accepted to pay the lawyer’s fee and the penalty. Family support again saved Brandon from the dire consequences of his mistakes, and granted him yet another chance to embrace habits of maturity and responsibility. Brandon quipped, “My family has provided me with the sap that has blossomed and fructified the success I have achieved so far.”


Brandon’s family has supplied love, acceptance and support. While his mother has shouldered most of the chores in the house with grace, his dad has furnished the requisite guidance and resources. Within the family circle, he could explore, try and fail, and even displayed an ungrateful attitude without the fear of rejection. Even when he had caught tuberculosis, his family mobilized a close knit community around him, which sped up his healing.


Brandon has been able to get an education and a stable professional life thanks to the love that his family has always lavished on him. He knows that no matter what happens to him, he can count on his parents and siblings. This level of acceptance has infused in him confidence to tackle any project. And he has the assurance that his family time, money and network will support him through the bad times.


Our countries and communities need close knit families to move forward. In such a circle, citizens are more likely to enjoy emotional stability and a selfless spirit. Any effort to rebuild the nation goes through rebuilding the family, because family life nurtures success.


Jean Ricot Dormeus


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Jean Ricot Dormeus, Land of Dormant Dreams – A Walk into the Future, p. 61