Give your work a touch of art

Give your work a touch of art

By Jean Ricot Dormeus


In 2018, my daughter in law treated my wife and me to a visit to the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. This delightful experience has left an indelible mark in my memory. The exquisite art injected in the exhibition of thousands of items and the virtual tour of the lands of the Bible, created an ambiance of excellence and a boost of positive emotions. 


Incontestably, the highlight of the visit was Washington Revelations. A virtual 3-D female guide, easy on the eyes, provided information about a tour of the city landmarks with Bible passage inscriptions. Then a virtual flying saucer of sorts took us to each site where we could read such inscriptions. This memorable tour opened my eyes even more to the great value art adds to technology or any human endeavor.


Functionality and cleanliness at the museum were a given. Every detail was top notch, from the restrooms to the elevators, from the front desk to the restaurant at the top floor. No stone was left unturned to give the visitors an experience they can cherish for life. Not only everything was working as intended, but special efforts went into refining and beautifying every object, display decoration and self-explanatory texts. I got an appetizer of the marvels the human mind can achieve when vision, knowledge and experience walk hand in hand. And the emotional reward of such a combination adds spice to life.


I also came to see why a touch of art and creativity places activities and objects we create on a higher pedestal and turns them into eye magnets.  Taking time to focus on adjusting symmetries, calibrating contrasts, or even reproducing a straight line or the right tone, spell the difference between a piece that doesn’t call for a second look and a masterpiece. If functionality invokes usefulness, art flies on the wings of imagination to elevate the value of what would otherwise be ordinary. Refine your work with a touch of art for greater success.


Jean Ricot Dormeus


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Jean Ricot Dormeus, Land of Dormant Dreams – A Walk into the Future, p. 61