Live in joy

Live in joy

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

I experienced joy as a powerful tool as chief negotiator for Haiti on migration and border issues back in the late 90’s. My counterpart Guerrero was a tough lawyer and his dad had dealt with these issues in the past. He had given much trouble to other negotiators before me. I decided to acknowledge Guerrero’s “hereditary competence” on the matter and flashed a bright smile. He responded in kind. The negotiation process went smoothly, in joy, and we signed the agreement we were after. My attitude of joy helped save the day.

As we develop and maintain an attitude of joy, we look for the silver lining in every situation. We also take delight and satisfaction in our relationships, gifts and achievements, no matter how insignificant they look. So doing, we spread joy and a positive mindset all around us. This attitude alone keeps our motivation to the roof and blaze a trail for harmonious interactions, success and victory. 

Joy is as much a result as it is a powerful performance trigger. All five Nordic countries made it to the list of the World Happiness Report 2020. The World Happiness Report suggests the following reasons why Nordic countries are consistently at the top percentile of the happiest countries: extensive welfare benefits, low corruption, well-functioning democracy, and state institutions. The “Nordic Exceptionalism,” as the report labels it, flows from unwavering commitment to reducing inequality.

The main ingredients to joy and happiness in the Nordic countries ensure the same results to individuals and communities in every continent. Empathy, integrity, respect, discipline, and an active pursuit of inclusion will shine a light for joy and peace to step in.

Like anything precious in life, joy is ours for the ask. As Chuck Palahniuk puts it, “ Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it.”

Live in joy. Seek and express joy today and every day. Isn’t this the secret of a fulfilled life?

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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“To concede defeat when you are entrusted with a mission amounts to jeopardizing the utility and quality of the rest of your life. Is it worth it?”

Jean Ricot Dormeus, Land of Dormant Dreams – A Walk into the Future, p. 61