My dad restored my confidence

My dad restored my confidence


By Jean Ricot Dormeus


I visited my parents following a crushing trucking business failure. I felt all the more embarrassed because I lost some of their money in the venture. The predicament was all my fault as I didn’t gather adequate knowledge and experience to engage in the sector and I chose drivers who only saw honesty in other people. Therefore, my confidence took a serious beating and I expected some well deserved blame.


My parents kept calm and appreciative as usual. My dad told me “I don’t judge or blame you. Failure is part of learning and a stepping stone to success”. These words worked like soothing balm on a wound. I took a deep breath and I grew a few inches taller. All of a sudden, the burden of guilt and disappointment vanished. The cool water of my dad’s words freshened up the withered leaves of my confidence.


I left my parents’ home with a boost of energy that has sustained me for a long while. My restored confidence inspired me to tackle other projects successfully.


No significant achievement grows on the tree of doubt and pusillanimity. My failure could have acted as carpenter ants that would excavate the wood of my resolve. I would have probably shied away from any lofty initiative and go through life without zest, frequently hoisting the white flag of surrender. 


My father’s words have enriched in me the fertile soil of healthy confidence that can grow the seed of any project or initiative. I am not immune from making mistakes, I only need to give it my best shot. I may not win every battle, but I will develop the kind of mettle that ensures victory in due course.

Some encouraging words aptly said can restore the confidence of someone emerging from a bruising experience. These words may be a long-lasting gift that will go a long way. Would you restore the confidence of someone today?


Jean Ricot Dormeus


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“To concede defeat when you are entrusted with a mission amounts to jeopardizing the utility and quality of the rest of your life. Is it worth it?”

Jean Ricot Dormeus, Land of Dormant Dreams – A Walk into the Future, p. 61